9. January 2014

Its a rainy afternoon and we are all underslept and cranky over here (just being honest!).  I did this illustration last week in Berlin and I worked on it today to help me remember that rainy days can be beautiful and fun - not just "blah".

In other totally unrelated rews, yesterday I visited Heimtextil and had such a great time!  The best part was meeting some fabulous other textile designers.  Its so funny how when you meet someone who has the same interests, inspirations, juggling act of home and work, and love of drawing you can find yourself chatting away like best friends within the first 2 minutes :)  I was so inspired from my trip and saw an unbelievable amount of beautiful things!


  1. Love your work n loved meeting up with you! Wishing you a fantastic year ahead with lots of inspiration and adventures!

  2. Thanks Simi! It was great getting to chat at Heimtextil - hopefully we see each other again soon :) All the best!