28. August 2013

I was at the store over the weekend and saw some cute corduroy baby pants. I almost took them to the register when I remembered two things: 1. I have lots of beautiful corduory fabric at home from my Cool Cords collections and 2. I know how to sew! 
So home I went, and I got to work stitching away - and I am super happy with the result that I got from simply using another pair of her pants as a pattern.  I love that fall is around the corner and that now is the time for soft and sweet corduroy. Plus, little Luna seems to like them too, and that is the most important!

24. August 2013

Finally back home in my studio where my sketches turn into realities!  Its going to be a fun day of scanning in my drawings during my Berlin trip and seeing what they turn into.  Here is the first one...

It was a great trip where I was super inspired by artists of every kind, new printing techniques I can't wait to dive into, and getting a great response to Rae Schmae from local boutiques.  My head is spinning, my sketchbook has pages falling out and stuffed back in, and my to-do list is long.  Its a great feeling! 

8. August 2013

Let's be real for a minute.  When I signed up for this working-from-home-mom business I pictured it pretty different from reality.  In my vision, I am peacefully designing during naptime, earning the big bucks from working minimal hours, and my house is always clean because I am also simultaneously, the ideal housewife.  Well all I can say to that is - HA!  
 This card translates to "Everyone can do easy." and though the road of being a work at home mom has lots of great moments, easy it is not.  Because while I can say that my stationery line, Rae Schmae, is now available at several boutiques in Berlin (yay!) don't be fooled into thinking that I, in a very cosmopolitan outfit, made appointments with boutiques that I penciled into my dayplanner to which I showed up with a professional display and press packet and we all sipped espressos while talking business.  No.  This is more like it: Its 95 degrees and humid - my hair is up in a messy bun and frizzing out.  I am pushing / lugging up and down stairs a baby stroller with an under-napped 6 month old, and have a bored 6 year old bumbling behind me.  I pop into a stores that I happen to wander past (and some I have Googled ahead of time) and ask in my less-than-perfect German if I can share the box of samples I have in the bottom of my stroller behind the diaper bag. 

So keep on Moms because, you know what?  It worked.  I had nothing but positive responses.  So don't wait until you can approach your next business goal "not like a mom" because this is what we are.  And really, most of the people you are working with out there are too :)

5. August 2013

I love being in Berlin :)  We are here for the first 3 weeks of August so that the menfolk in the family can do lots of this at Berlin Lacht! :

Its so inspiring being in such a creative city where everything is at your fingertips.  I've been doing some fun drawing, but don't have access to a scanner yet, so whenever that happens I will be sure to share.  

So fitting that while we are in Berlin, Keka Case has selected 2 of my prints for the face of their East Meets West story.  Although I think a different East and West are implied here :)