28. January 2013

Today my post is a bit different than usual.  Rather than showing you a finished sketch, we are going behind the scenes to where the ideas begin.  The Inspiration Room.  I love retro artwork because everything about it is so confident.  The colors are bold, the illustrative styles are so full of personality, and its totally cool to be eating off pink floral plates on a plaid tablecloth with an ornate paisley wallpaper as a backdrop on the kitchen walls.  You just don't see that anymore and its a pity.  Let it be said that "More is More."
When looking for a little vintage vibe to delight the sences, my go-to spot is Yay Retro! - and not only because the name is fun to say :)  They have the cutest kitchen, home, and kitsch items and are nice enough to let us buy them so that we can also have homes that live boldly.

See more great retro finds (including lots from Yay Retro!) on my Pinterest board.

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