28. January 2013

Today my post is a bit different than usual.  Rather than showing you a finished sketch, we are going behind the scenes to where the ideas begin.  The Inspiration Room.  I love retro artwork because everything about it is so confident.  The colors are bold, the illustrative styles are so full of personality, and its totally cool to be eating off pink floral plates on a plaid tablecloth with an ornate paisley wallpaper as a backdrop on the kitchen walls.  You just don't see that anymore and its a pity.  Let it be said that "More is More."
When looking for a little vintage vibe to delight the sences, my go-to spot is Yay Retro! - and not only because the name is fun to say :)  They have the cutest kitchen, home, and kitsch items and are nice enough to let us buy them so that we can also have homes that live boldly.

See more great retro finds (including lots from Yay Retro!) on my Pinterest board.

23. January 2014

Even though its not so early in the morning, I've been getting up at 4 a.m. now on a too regular basis (because of little babies who shall not be named) so that means I am too tired to come up with something nice to write here.  I will just leave you with my latest illustration and then go make another cup of coffee...

9. January 2014

Its a rainy afternoon and we are all underslept and cranky over here (just being honest!).  I did this illustration last week in Berlin and I worked on it today to help me remember that rainy days can be beautiful and fun - not just "blah".

In other totally unrelated rews, yesterday I visited Heimtextil and had such a great time!  The best part was meeting some fabulous other textile designers.  Its so funny how when you meet someone who has the same interests, inspirations, juggling act of home and work, and love of drawing you can find yourself chatting away like best friends within the first 2 minutes :)  I was so inspired from my trip and saw an unbelievable amount of beautiful things!

4. January 2014

I can't take credit for this adorable baby, she belongs to a dear friend of mine.  But seeing this photo of extreme cuteness on my Frolic Blanket, and having my own baby's first birthday being just around the corner made me stop and think about how having a baby is the best thing that could have happend to my business.
Here is why:
1. When you know your hours of working are limited to baby's nap time, do you piddle around on Facebook or develop drawings that you don't really love into prints?  No ma'am!  Working time becomes a thing of focus and the goal is to buckle down and power out nothing but quality work.

2. Of course there are times when you find yourself sitting at the computer with one hand holding baby so there is only one hand free.  Which makes working hard.  Therefore I've spent lots of time this past year on Pinterest which is really not time wasted.  Gathering together images of illustrations that inspire me has really helped me make clear in my own head what my style is.  I thought I knew what it was but then I realized the disconnect between what I would pin and what I would draw.  So how do I now define what work of mine is Quality (see pt.1)?  I ask myself "Would I Pin this?"  and if I do Pin it on a board with its "peers", how does it stand up?

I am super excited for what 2014 holds.  I have some exciting plans to optimize my time so that even with a soon to be toddler running around (aah!) I can take my business forward in a big way even if my actual hours of productivity are limited.  Its a lot to ask for but I am confident it can happen!  So yay for new babies, new years and new plans :)