10. July 2013

A special blog post as today I am remebering the birthday of my best friend, who left this earth too soon.  She lived her life in a way I have always aspired to - by never thinking any dream was too big to go after and always reaching for the next possible goal.

There are people out there who say its better to keep what you love to do a hobby and not try to do it professionally because of the chance you will get sick of it.  Obviously this person has no idea what they are talking about.  I consider it such a priveledge to be able to take joy in my work, improve my skill, get lost in time in a world of drawing and have that be my profession.  

Sure, there was a time when I also considering if I should keep my love just a hobby.  Mostly because I was scared to fail.  Thank you Lauren, for being such a role model and that even though you never were able to give me this advice with your words, you did with how you lived every second of your life.  Happy Birthday xoxo

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