20. August 2014

I am SUPER EXCITED! about this - I am planning to produce my own run of fabric with my designs I have a supplier all lined up but before I take the plunge, I am starting with a test design and having a mini run printed to see how it goes. If you like it, I'd love if you help me spread the word so this can be a success!!!

See it and buy it here!

Its okay to freak out with excitement about this. I sure am!!!!

19. August 2014

Here is my entry for Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search... the equivalent to American Idol for Illustrators :) I am so happy with how my piece came out since I think it really reflects who I am as a designer. Now to see if it makes the first cut - sizing down 999 entries to 50! 

The assignment was to design a piece of wall art around the theme of Terrariums and including text of some kind.  Since terrariums always seemed a little like flower prisons to me, I approached the assignment from this angle...

14. August 2014

Despite the sunny days, and the fact that the new school year hasn't started yet, doesn.t mean its too early to start thinking about your Christmas sewing projects! We all know they only come out just right with time and love invested and for just that reason, Westfalenstoffe has recently debuted the newest additions to my wintery Kitzbühel collection.  So you can buy the fabric now and still have plenty of sewing time before Christmas.  Here are a peek at the new prints:

And a reminder of the original collection which can be found at your local fabric store:

 As always, if you sew up something in these fabrics I would love to see!

6. August 2014

Flower Inara and Flower Frenzy are now available from Lillestoff!  And since I just picked up my first spool of elastic thread from Frau Tulpe a few days ago that I can't wait to try out, it looks like its time to get sewing...