10. March 2015

Some designs are special. You make them and instead of thinking "Oh that's cute", you feel like they are a part of you.
They are exactly what you have been trying to say with your artwork. And then you don't want to show them to anyone because you're afraid they might not like it and you would take it too personally, and you just can't risk that.

 (You might even do something crazy like try to self-produce the design, only to realize you are in over your head!)

 But the you finally do. You go out there and offer up the artwork that feels like part of you. So when someone as wonderful as Alles-fuer-selbermacher sees the design and says "Yes! We absolutely have to make a fabric out of this!" it is just an AMAZING feeling!

 So with that introduction, I re-present to you "Happy Day". My attempted self production which is now available through Alles-fuer-Selbermacher ;) And I couldn't be happier!xoxo

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