5. January 2015

Happy new year! I have been so busy lately working on some big things that are happening this year, that I've been slacking off a bit on posting! Oops! 

 But finally I am sharing with you my newest design with Alles-für-Selbermacher. Its called "Raccoons" and is printed on the snuggliest, softest, lightweight sweatshirt material ever. No joke - I am wearing it right now! 
Not only is there fabric, but also ribbon! Ahhh! I am so excited about that :)
AND labels! Double Ahhh!

Here is what I sewed up for my little Luna:
And take a look at what these fantastic sewists came up with:
by: Fighty C's
by: Caro-Style
by: Miari by Jenny
by: HeideRabauken

If you've also made something with my Raccoons, I would love to see!

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