28. May 2014

This week I am excited to be included in Jenipher Lyn's book launch blog party for her amazing book, "How Being  Stubbon, Depressed, and Upopular Saved My Life".  Its an amazing book filled with Jenipher's honest and heartfelt story and lots of sweet illustrations which is a must-read for girls going through the battlefield of growing up.
 My contribution to the party is an illustration for the insecure 11 year old in us that can feel like we aren't measuring up, aren't cool/pretty/skinny/creative/smart/whatever enough.  Or for the times we feel like we're doing okay until we see another girl walk by who is cooler/prettier/skinnier/creativer/smarter/whateverer than us and we decide that her life must be perfect and who we are suddendly isn't good enough anymore.  Well to that I just want to say:
 This would-be "wondergirl" that you are comparing yourself to probobly also has days like this.  And insecurities and struggles.  But your fabulousness is not dependant on anyone else.  You are fabulous because you are who you are.  Because there is no one else like you.  Because you are doing what you were created to do even if its not always smooth sailing.  So keep your chin up, girlfriend!  And don't let other bring you down!

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