10. October 2013

I love screen printed designs.  They look clean, professional, timeless and just plain gorgeous!  For years I watched DIY videos on how to make some kind of makeshift screens, but nothing came of it.  Finally this summer I met a bunch of awesome screenprinters in Berlin who totally motivated me to take the plunge.  So for my birthday (the big 30!) a couple weeks ago, my fabulous husband got me a screen printing starter set...
Here is the heart of it, but a lot more doo dads and potions were also included.  After 2 failed attempts of cutting the screen (this really is a precision skill and that's not really my specialty.  I really had to turn my patience and concentration up to full volume or else this was all going to end in frustration) I finally cut one that was a success!
Now that I know how the whole thing works, its true what everyone says - screen printing is easy.  The printing part is for sure easy, but when you are cutting the screen be sure to follow the instructions 100%, and if you aren't doing it in a room with a yellow lightbulb you are wasting your time.  But anyways, do you want to see the results?  Some snuggly little softies...
and cork hot plates with my mermaid illustration...
and my intellectual fox quoting Thoreau...
I am so pleased with the result and for your shopping pleasure, have listed them already in my shop :)


  1. how lovely is that!! absolutely gorgeous! you know im the exact same!!! want to get into screen printing! if you don't mind can you tell which starter set you got? i love the fox one particularly

  2. Hi Krishnaa, Thanks :) I got my starter set here in Germany from Siebdruck Versand, but it seems like the same one is available in the States from Ryonet, and at a better price. You should definately give it a go - you won't regret it!

  3. So lovely! So much fun :-) And really good to know of Siebdruck Versand, will look them up, I want one too! Thanks for sharing!