8. August 2013

Let's be real for a minute.  When I signed up for this working-from-home-mom business I pictured it pretty different from reality.  In my vision, I am peacefully designing during naptime, earning the big bucks from working minimal hours, and my house is always clean because I am also simultaneously, the ideal housewife.  Well all I can say to that is - HA!  
 This card translates to "Everyone can do easy." and though the road of being a work at home mom has lots of great moments, easy it is not.  Because while I can say that my stationery line, Rae Schmae, is now available at several boutiques in Berlin (yay!) don't be fooled into thinking that I, in a very cosmopolitan outfit, made appointments with boutiques that I penciled into my dayplanner to which I showed up with a professional display and press packet and we all sipped espressos while talking business.  No.  This is more like it: Its 95 degrees and humid - my hair is up in a messy bun and frizzing out.  I am pushing / lugging up and down stairs a baby stroller with an under-napped 6 month old, and have a bored 6 year old bumbling behind me.  I pop into a stores that I happen to wander past (and some I have Googled ahead of time) and ask in my less-than-perfect German if I can share the box of samples I have in the bottom of my stroller behind the diaper bag. 

So keep on Moms because, you know what?  It worked.  I had nothing but positive responses.  So don't wait until you can approach your next business goal "not like a mom" because this is what we are.  And really, most of the people you are working with out there are too :)

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